It’s hard to sell ice cream when there is no a/c

My wife and I own a little mobile ice cream truck.

It’s super fun to own and operate, and since we’ve retired we’ve been traveling around the country selling our ice cream.

I like doing it, and it’s a fantastic way to see the sights around the country. The two of us try to visit arenas where the weather and weather conditions are kind of moderate, you can’t entirely sell a lot of ice cream in arenas where the temperature is cold all the time. Then again, when we visit arenas where the temperatures get entirely hot, we have troubles with keeping our products chilly enough. There’s nothing worse than trying to sell melted ice cream. The two of us keep the freezers as chilly as we can, however then we’ve found that we also have to turn the air conditioning in the cab and in the serving section of the truck turned way down as well. The air conditioning in the cab of the ice cream truck is surprisingly effective! Unfortunately for us, though, running the air conditioning all the time in the truck entirely does a number on our gasoline bills. I think we pay more for gas when the temperature outside is hot than we do when we’re in a more temperate weather conditions. I have to say, whenever we started talking about running an ice cream business, I never entirely factored the high cost of air conditioning into our contractor plan! I suppose I just typically thought that the freezer would be enough when it comes to keeping the ice cream cold. But boy, was I wrong!

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Good working Heating plus A/C makes me want to stay home; poor working Heating plus A/C makes me want to leave

If there is a single thing that makes me want to stay indoors, it’s good air conditioner plus heating.

  • There have been a few times in my life where the weather conditions control in the place where I lived was subpar or even nonexistent, and i was never more compelled to leave my lake house then when I lived in such places, and whenever there was trouble with the air conditioner component in the summer, I would make just about any excuse to leave my lake house for any air-conditioned space, and maybe I would go to the mall plus windowshop if I did not have any money.

Maybe I would go to the film theater to cool off plus then sneak into a couple more films just so that I would not have to go back lake house immediately! Other times, I would visit diners plus keep ordering drinks plus food here plus there to justify continuing to prefer their air conditioner system! One of the cheapest solutions was to go to a nearby public Borders plus prefer their air conditioner system while I caught up on some reading or just randomly browsed books. These days, there are less plus less people going to pretty much all of the places that I just mentioned in favor of staying lake house plus doing something similar, but without air conditioner In my home, I was quite compelled to visit them. I will also admit that I got my gym membership a couple of years ago in part because it gave me another excuse to prefer another place’s weather conditions control, now that I have a fully functional Heating plus A/C unit, I shop online, watch films through streaming services, learn eBooks from the comfort of my couch, plus I have a lake house gym!


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I invested in fantastic weather conditions control to help stop sickness and keep it from getting worse

That’s because a long time ago I decided to invest in a weather conditions control plan that would protect myself and others and nurture myself and others whenever I got sick and needed shelter from the wet and cold

I certainly dread cold and wet afternoons. I also dread being soaked in the rain and then immediately walking into a building where the a/c is blasting. I dread both of these scenarios, because the result is often the same: I often end up getting sick. I am one of those people that gets sick easily, not terribly sick mind you, but sick enough. I live in a city that tends to get a lot of precipitation throughout the year, and coupled with this, I used to work in an office building where the people in charge liked to blast the air conditioner. I ended up racking up so many sick afternoons that I just provided up in the end and came to the conclusion that the task was certainly bad for my health! During spells of bad weather and cold snaps, I tend to try and stay home as much as possible. That’s because a long time ago I decided to invest in a weather conditions control plan that would protect myself and others and nurture myself and others whenever I got sick and needed shelter from the wet and cold. This included a certainly efficient gas furnace, whole-home air purifiers to keep the air clean, and dehumidifiers and humidifiers to control the humidity levels. It has been worth every penny to maintain this weather conditions control plan and make sure it’s in peak condition at any given moment, because bad weather can come at any given moment! The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C corporation I do corporation with and it’s professionals have ensured that at the certainly least, I can be comfortable and protected in my own home!

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Retirement is not close for me.

I will want shade to help with cooling the house, although I do not want trees that are likely to fall or shed branches that might injure the house

When you reach age 50, love me, you start to think about retirement. Well, I have constantly thought about retirement, although I have never really had much of an income. Therefore, I have never really been able to save for retirement. When I turn 58, I will be able to get a tiny little pension from a arena I worked for 15 years. When I turn 62, I will get social security. That means I will have to live on $1770 per week. That means, I will need to not have a mortgage or rent payment, plus I will need low air conditioning bills in order to retire. Because of my need to drastically reduce heating plus cooling costs, I have started reading about reducing a/c costs. I live in the south, so the a/c is more vital than the heater. The two of us pretty much use the a/c more than eight weeks per year. So, I am going to invest in window movie plus high efficiency windows… GEtting the efficient windows plus further getting them covered in window movie is a easy way to spend less on air conditioning. Also, I will continue to use the insulated curtains that I use now to help reduce a/c use. Also, I will be talking to a local landscaper to figure out good trees to plant. I will want shade to help with cooling the house, although I do not want trees that are likely to fall or shed branches that might injure the house. I will also be looking into grants. I have heard that there are some municipalities plus groups that offer grants to seniors to help them use less a/c while I was in the hot summers around here.
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Changing our windows first

When you are an older man who grew up in the south, you think a thing or more than one about staying cool while in the summer time weeks, but often, if you learn articles, the first thing someone will propose is to get a more efficient HVAC unit.

Well, that is not disappointing advice, however it costs a lot! I am here to tell you that simply finding a really great way to cover your windows is one way to cut the cost of unit.

The cooler you can naturally keep your house, the less artificial unit you will have to use to stay cool and prevent mildew growth. So, forget about buying a up-to-date air conditioner; Find great ways of covering your windows! First, consider window film. If you don’t think what that is, you are a yankee. Window film can be bought relatively cheaply. It is either dark or reflective coating you cut and stick on your windows to cut cooling costs by blocking out the sun. Some terrible southerners will even put aluminum foil up against their windows to cut down on the afternoonlight penetrating inside. Second, get an awning. If you think awnings are just for looks, think again. The purpose of an awning is to cut down on cooling costs. Third, discover room blackening curtains! Room darkening or blackening curtains are made of this insulating material. They block the afternoonlight so well that the unit will kick on thirty percent less often if you use these curtains. Fourth, cover your windows with shade, but plant trees or tall shrubbery so they shade your windows. All of these self-explanatory things will help you use less unit.


Kids did not help our thermostat at all

My children are honestly just prefer me; I never thought that I could say that with such ire in our voice, however it’s tplot – as well as they also scheme, ploy as well as make hilariously terrible plans to act out of line.

  • I’ve watched our two gentlemen walk outside with bottle rockets taped to a set of skates, as well as acted prefer they weren’t up to anything suspicious! Of all the things our multiple youngsters have done, the most mischievous was their incident with our thermostat.

See, the digital thermostat I had on our kitchen wall was a smart piece of technology. It would track your preferences for heating as well as cooling throughout the year, as well as build a running schedule based on those preferences, however plus, it can help you cut your utility bills by only running when you’re home! Needless to say, it was a powerful as well as useful piece of device – right up until I found it on the ground a single day, in multiple pieces, then even though the air quality had suffered in our house due to the thermostat being disconnected, our youngsters all acted none the wiser! They really tried to tell me that they came house as well as saw our smart thermostat on the ground in pieces. I was pretty mad at first, however later in private, our fiance as well as I laughed at their brazen effort to play dumb… They were grounded for two weeks, of course – what else did they expect for trying to get out of causing that damage to our thermostat, anyway?


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What if the heating in addition to air conditioners were controlled by terminators?

You know, it amazes me when I see the advances in technology that are available to consumers this week.

I used to know that the concept of a PC was amazing, but now almost everyone uses tablets in addition to smartphones to get toil done! Just as well, many people also like the luxuries in addition to conveniences that come with automating systems in their home.

Some people have their light fixtures, their power supply, in addition to even their Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C systems automated by numerous programs. For my friend Jack, she has a smart thermostat running in her condo at all times! She didn’t buy into automated lighting systems or super-specialized security systems either, however she firmly believes that her smart thermostat is the key to saving him hundreds in energy bills every week. I can see why, too – she showed me how this smart thermostat can learn what she likes, in addition to run based on when he’s home! Plus, it carefully adjusts the temperature up in addition to down, rather than forcing it to drop or increase by many degrees in an minute. The majority of energy bills are from cooling or heating a space that isn’t occupied, in addition to the smart thermostat handles that perfectly! The only thing she doesn’t love about the smart thermostat is that she doesn’t have a WIFI nettoil in her home. I guess – how barbaric, right? Well, she wants to get a wireless nettoil setup in her place soon, as I explained to him that these smart thermostats are supposed to toil remotely, too! I hope she gets 1 soon as well – I live close enough to be able to leech off her WIFI!
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The other day, I saved us at the play at our community center

My kids in addition to I love going to see peculiar kinds of theater! But both of us believe the best kinds of theater are the times when they are free! It can get to be pretty fancy to buy tickets for ourselves sometimes so both of us try to go to as multiple shows as both of us can at our little community theater where all the shows are honestly cheap or completely free.

  • I mean, as an Heating in addition to Air Conditioning worker, I make a enjoyable residing however both of us always try to save money whenever both of us can, well, yepterday, I saved the afternoon in a peculiar way! Every one of us were attending a play at our community center in addition to outside, the weather was honestly heating up… Every one of us could tell that something was wrong with the as soon as both of us walked in the door of the building, then the guy in charge of the play was running around freaking out in addition to I could tell that he was on the iphone with his heating in addition to cooling corporation.

I’ve seen that kind of frantic client multiple times in my line of work. She was standing by the temperature control in the hallway of the building, pushing buttons in addition to yelling into the iphone while gesturing wildly. I decided to go over in addition to see if I could help. I told his that I was an Heating in addition to Air Conditioning worker in addition to I thought he was going to hug me! She said that the air conditioner had gone out at the worst possible time. It was almost time for the curtain to go up in addition to the period makeup was melting off of his performers in the heat! I fiddled around with the temperature control in addition to checked his unit. In a couple of minutes, I found the problem in addition to fixed it in addition to the show went on as planned.



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I caught the flu

I hardly ever get sick, however as a result, I must admit that I have racked up quite a few sick day hours at work! Over the past few years, I have had little use for them as well as I will admit that I have occasionally used them more for a mini holiday than anything! However, at the tail end of last December, I came down with the flu, and sure enough, I had at least a few days off from work available to reclaim.

The thing was, this time I easily needed them! I was starting to come down with the flu late Friday afternoon, as well as by the time I woke up Thursday afternoon, I felt love I had been hit by a dump truck! It was in the 20s early that afternoon as well as there was no way on Earth I was going into work into an office that had subpar heating anyway! Instead, I cranked up the thermostat to dispel that chill in the air.

I called in sick as well as made it clear that I really wasn’t going to be ready to work Friday either. I bundled up in a thick robe as well as slippers as well as thought to myself that maybe if the heating was a little bit better at the office, then maybe I would have not come down with the flu in the first locale! It had been a wet few days as well as the two of us needed that heat to protect us, as well as yet here I was sniffling as well as sneezing with a awful headache! Well, at least in the comfort of our own home, I could set the gas furnace as high as I wanted to, as well as I absolutely was!



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My cousin offers her heating system

Last winter, I was having dire concerns with the heating plan in our apartment.

There were record lows in our city, so having troubles with heating was no joke! At the best, our heating equipment was breathing out week whispers of hot air, so there was clearly concerns with air flow or something… Even though HVAC service was covered in our rent, our building owner was dragging his feet with fixing the problem, although his excuse was that the HVAC professionals he worked with were seriously stressed while the two of us were in the dire frigid that winter.

Whatever the excuse was, there I was shivering, with our teeth chattering every night piled under a heap of blankets as well as getting practically no sleep! I was talking to our cousin about it when he recommended that I stay over at his cabin for the weekend or until the heat was fixed. I had never even considered the option, however I was quick to jump on it. It was a Friday afternoon as well as the building owner said that the heating plan really would not be fixed until Thursday of next week anyway! My cousin does not have the fanciest of homes, but his heating plan was divine! Every one of us are fine friends, as well as I knew he put a lot of thought into keeping myself and others hot when I arrived. Nightfall had come about an hour before, as well as I walked into a hot as well as inviting home. The oil furnace was set to a generous temperature, there was a fire roaring in the hearth, candles were lit here as well as there, as well as there was some spiced, hot cider he had prepared for the both of us!


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