Commercial replacements are far more costly than residential machines

My wife and I had to replace the furnace in our home.

I was a little disappointed, because I truly thought the furnace would last several more years.

I wasn’t ready to pay the upgrade fees, but I didn’t have a choice. The purchase didn’t break the bank, but it definitely was expensive. The weather around here is extremely cold and frigid and it is really difficult to make it through the entire winter season without a viable furnace. I know, because my parents didn’t have a lot of money when we were growing up. We often went without luxuries that other children took for granted. One of those luxuries was central heat. We had a couple of space heaters and each one of the rooms, but the central furnace and heating system was broken for most of my childhood. About six months ago, the building where I have an office was having trouble with the heating system. The problems persisted for two weeks and many of the tenants including myself were complaining. The building supervisor called a commercial HVAC repair service and they didn’t have anything except bad news. I talked to the guys on the maintenance staff and I found out that replacing the furnace is a $20,000 project. I thought my wife and I had to spend a lot of money for a residential furnace, but replacing the commercial equipment is far more costly. When I told my wife the cost to replace the office furnace, she laughed and said that’s exactly why we don’t have our own building.

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Cheaper by the dozen

My wife and I usually purchase the air filters for our air conditioner from the hardware store.

The hardware store is on our way to the supermarket, so it is both easy and convenient to stop. The last time that my wife and I needed air filters, the hardware store was completely out of the size that we needed. One of the biggest reasons is due to the air quality in this region. It’s absolutely horrible. People get sick all of the time and some even end up in the hospital because of the poor air quality. Many of our friends and family members have invested in an air purifier or air filtration equipment for their home. My wife and I have not joined the bandwagon yet, but the air quality is very poor and we will eventually need an air filtration system as well. Since the hardware store didn’t have any air filters in stock, I decided to go online to look for the right size. The online vendor had boxes of 12 air filters for an incredibly inexpensive price. In fact, the price was so cheap that I made certain it wasn’t a typo. When I realized that the air filters were going to be cheaper by the dozen, I bought a whole box. For the next six months, my wife and I won’t have to worry one bit about the indoor air quality in our home. We can easily change the air filters every two weeks and keep most of the germs, bacteria, and dust outside. That will help us breathe more easily.


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Replacing the HVAC was more expensive than we anticipated

My mom and dad had to replace the HVAC unit in their house and it cost them $3,500.

When my heat pump and AC unit stopped working, I expected the same price tag for my new heating and cooling equipment.

When I found out that it was going to cost nearly twice as much money, I became very upset and accused the HVAC company of trying to gouge me on the price. The technician told me to call around for other prices and he promised that they would happily meet any other quote if it was lower. I called a dozen different heating and AC companies and all of them quoted roughly the same price. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news. When I started talking to my mom and dad about their machine, I realized very quickly that the AC unit required to cool my house is much bigger than that AC unit required to cool the house for my mom and dad. That is one of the biggest reasons why the price was so high. Another reason is due to the fact that I live in a region where the prices are higher for everything. My mom and dad live in a small town and I live in the big city. Everything here is more expensive including restaurants, clothes, cars, and even heating and air conditioning equipment. I had to face the music and pay the huge amount of money. I hated writing that check for the new HVAC equipment, but summer would be miserable without it.

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Finding the problem with the boiler took some time

One of my best customers called on Monday because the boiler inside the shop wasn’t working.

The customer is one of my biggest commercial clients and I didn’t want to let the woman down.

I sent my best HVAC technician to inspect the commercial boiler. About an hour after the technician left the shop, he called with an update on the commercial boiler repair. Even though it took some time to find the problem, the technician was certain he could fix the problem. He needed a second set of hands, because of the size of the boiler. I agreed to assist with the job, since the customer is one of our biggest clients. I found someone to complete the repair that I was currently working on and I left to help my employee with a commercial boiler repair. I stopped at the shop to pick up the necessary equipment and parts to complete the job. The owner of the shopping mart was so entirely pleased with the service, that he told one of his friends about the service and we picked up another commercial client the same day. Providing excellent customer service to our clients is one of the reasons why this heating and AC repair business is so successful. We don’t have to charge a fortune as long as we provide fantastic services and quality repairs. Our customers will return every single time they have a problem if we provide them with excellent customer service. That is how small businesses continue to thrive even when large companies try to steal our customers.

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The HVAC problems started as soon as we signed the paperwork

My wife and I did not anticipate spending $7,000 on a new HVAC unit, especially six months after we bought the house

My wife and I decided to buy a new house when we found out that our credit rating was higher than we expected. We outgrew our current house when our third child was born, but we have been busy with work. When my wife was promoted at work, we decided to start looking for a new place. We found a three-bedroom house that was very nice and we even placed an offer on the property. Unfortunately, we were outbid. A week later, we found the house of our dreams. Everything came together right at the perfect time. The new house has five bedrooms and three bathrooms. My wife and I can have our own bathroom and so can our daughters and our son. The house has an upstairs and a downstairs and a very large backyard. My wife and I were very happy with the house until we started having problems with the HVAC unit. It seems like the heating problems started right after we signed the paperwork. At first it was an issue with the AC, but now the problem has become much more significant. We had the AC repaired last time it was not working, but now the company is telling us it is time to replace it. My wife and I did not anticipate spending $7,000 on a new HVAC unit, especially six months after we bought the house. These are the types of problems that plague homeowners everyday. There’s absolutely no way we could avoid the problem, and we had to spend the money to secure a quality climate control system.
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Nobody gets the weekend off in the middle of summer

I hired a couple of new HVAC techs in the spring.

Now that the training period is over and summer is starting, they are on the schedule every Saturday and Sunday.

The new guys have been complaining about working every weekend, but that’s the rule. Nobody gets the weekend off in the middle of the summer season. It’s the busiest time of the year for HVAC repairs, and I need all the staff on deck when we are busy with AC repairs and installation jobs. Most customers schedule services for the weekend, especially when both adults in the house work. There needs to be an adult present in the house in order for my technicians to complete the work. When I first started working in the business, a lady called to have the furnace repaired and her eight year old answered the door. His mom was still at work, but she left the credit card with the small child. I was beside myself with frustration, anger, and sadness. The poor little kid was in that cold house all alone. Last weekend, one of our customers had a house full of kids screaming and yelling while I was trying to repair an AC unit. I was happy to finish without any major delays. Even I work on Saturday and Sunday and I am the owner of the company. If I work, so do the employees. I don’t expect anything from them that I wouldn’t be willing to do myself. The summer is our busiest season and it has to be all hands on deck.

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Temperature control while traveling

I love to travel to new destinations, experience interesting places and see new things.

Every year, I plan a trip to somewhere I’ve never been.

I’m happy to camp as well as stay at fancy resort hotels. I love to hike the open countryside, navigate city streets, visit tourist attractions and find tiny towns that aren’t on the map. The only part of these trips that I dread is the actual travel process. Getting from my home to my destination is the worst part. It’s always necessary to get up extra early in the morning, and I have an hour’s drive to the airport. I know that no matter the time of year or weather outside, the airport terminal will be overheated and stuffy. Because of the need to arrive early, I’ll spend an hour sweating and waiting to board the plane. Since I don’t want to need the bathroom on the plane, I’ll go without water, dehydrate myself and end up with a headache. I have no doubt that the air quality within the terminal is horrendous. Although there are clearly supply and return vents located all over the place, I never feel a hint of ventilation or air conditioning. I then board the plane, sit in an extremely cramped and uncomfortable seat and nearly freeze to death. I don’t know where the cold air is coming from, but there’s no escaping it. Adjusting the tiny overhead vent accomplishes nothing. I am usually required to take at least two flights and suffer through a layover before arriving at my destination. By the time I deal with either a taxi or bus trip, I’m exhausted and not feeling well. I check into my hotel and immediately adjust the thermostat to my preference. I then take a nice, long shower and a quick nap to rejuvenate.

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Ductless system is ideal for addition

When my husband and I got married, we had limited funds to put toward a house.

Since we were unwilling to waste money on rent, we looked for a property we could afford.

We managed to find a sizable piece of property in a lovely location. It was within our price range because of the limited square footage of the house. We were quite happy with the very small house. It was quick and easy to clean. Maintenance and repairs were minimal and not overly costly. It cost us next to nothing to heat and cool the house. For just the two of us, the house was just the right size. Over the next few years, we added three children, one dog and a cat. Suddenly the house was way too crowded. It was necessary to put on an addition. We needed a bedroom for each of the kids, another bathroom, and closet space. We also decided to enlarge the kitchen and add a playroom and a home office. The addition was bigger than the original house. We had to figure out how to effectively heat and cool the additional square footage. There was no way our original furnace or air conditioner could handle the larger demand. We also weren’t thrilled with extending the ductwork and giving up valuable space. We researched all different types of heating and cooling options and finally settled on a ductless multi-split system. This has really worked out great for us. We have a single outdoor compressor that is linked to eight separate air handlers. Each air handler is mounted in an individual room and includes independent control over temperature. The system combines heating and cooling capability and allows for zoned control.




Smart thermostats for two homes

My husband and I spent the first sixty years of our lives in the northeastern part of the country.

  • We have never been fans of the extreme snow and cold.

The winter weather tends to stick around for six to eight months, and we endure temperatures down to twenty-five below zero. The wind chill is absolutely brutal and the snow seems endless. We decided to embrace the “snowbird” lifestyle and purchased a second home down south. Our goal was to enjoy the best weather in both places and avoid the worst. We typically head south in early November and return north at the beginning of May. We miss the severe cold and snow of the north and avoid the excessive heat and humidity of summers in the south. Having two homes creates some extra work and worry. We need two sets of all essentials, such as linens, cookware, tools and clothing. There’s also the concern that something will go wrong with the furnace up north while we’re gone. The pipes might freeze and burst, cause major damage, and we wouldn’t know until we returned in the spring. There’s always the threat of tropical storms down south. We like to keep the cooling system operational to prevent mold and mildew growth. We needed a way to keep an eye on the properties, even when we weren’t on the premises. The solution has been the installation of smart thermostats in each location. The smart thermostats allow access through an app on our smartphones. No matter where we happen to be, we can adjust temperature, check on the current temperature and receive alerts. The thermostat notifies us in the event of a temperature fluctuation, power outage or any problems with the furnace or air conditioner. Plus, we get reminders to schedule maintenance and change air filters.



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Innovative duct sealing process

Ninety percent of homeowners across the country are living with leaky ductwork.

  • In my cases, as much as 30% of the conditioned air is allowed to escape through small holes or cracks at the seams.

That adds up to a lot of energy waste and needless expense. It also causes the air conditioner or furnace to run for longer cycles and suffer greater wear and tear. The risk of malfunction and shortened system lifespan are significantly increased. When the maximum amount of heated or cooled air fails to reach the intended destination, comfort also suffers. No matter how high or low the thermostat setting, the furnace and air conditioner struggle to manage demand. Certain rooms might feel much warmer or cooler than others. The same imperfections in the ductwork that allow conditioned air to disappear also bring in outside air. The air might be drawn in from dirty crawlspaces, basements or attics and probably isn’t the cleanest. There can be concerns with contaminated indoor air quality. In recent years, the duct sealing process has become much easier, less expensive and more effective. Rather than a contractor manually locating and repairing each tiny flaw, there is an innovative alternative that targets problems from the inside of the ducts. A technician first blocks off all supply and return registers. He then pumps highly pressurized air into the ductwork. This air contains non-toxic, polymer particles that are adhesive. They are made from the same material as baby pacifiers. As the air leaks out through cracks at the seams and various holes, those particles cling to the edges, build up and form an airtight seal. The whole process is guided by a computer program and completed in a matter of hours.



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