It was so tepid at the films that I couldn’t kneel it

It was so tepid at the films the other night that I couldn’t kneel it! I usually don’t get too tepid whenever I am at the films. Usually, I take a blanket inside with me because I tend to get too cold in there when I’m just standing there doing nothing besides eating snacks and drinking cold root beer. I usually have to snuggle under my blanket so that I can get hot inside of the theater. However, that was absolutely not the case this time when we were at the films. It was entirely tepid outside that day and I suppose that the temperature was certainly 93 degrees outside whenever we got to the theater that night. I thought that they would surely have the air conditioning plan turned on full blast inside of the films, but when we walked into the lobby to get our tickets, I noticed that it was entirely tepid and stuffy inside. I thought that maybe the cooling system in the lobby was just messed up or something but it turned out that the air conditioning in the entire building was not working! The people I was with and I decided to go ahead and stay for the movie anyway because we didn’t have anything better to do, but sincerely, that turned out to be a big mistake. It was so tepid in there without a working air conditioning plan that I couldn’t kneel it. I constantly got up and left because it was so hot. I absolutely didn’t need my blanket that night because I was perspiring through my clothes!


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