New roof improves energy efficiency

My husband and I were able to afford a larger home and sizable property located in an advantageous neighborhood because everything needed a great deal of work.

  • The lawns, shrubs and trees were overgrown.

Every window and appliance in the house needed to be replaced. There were signs of mice infestations and plumbing leaks. We needed a new furnace and air conditioner and invested into duct cleaning, sealing and repairs. Updating the house was a labor-intensive and extensive project. We couldn’t afford to tackle everything at once. We prioritized, did a lot of the work ourselves and lived in a perpetual state of construction. Replacing the roof got put off for several years. With the age and condition of the roof, it needed to be entirely torn off. We couldn’t get away with a patch or another layer of shingles. When we started having water coming through the ceilings during rainstorms, we hired a roofing contractor. Our roof was torn off in the middle of July. The outside temperature was consistently in the high eighties with excessive humidity. With the house open to the outside, we didn’t dare run the air conditioner. The house became extremely hot, sticky and uncomfortable. There was a steady influx of dust, debris and bugs. It was nearly impossible to sleep, and the construction woke us up early every morning. We were very excited for the roofers to finish up and leave. I immediately lowered the thermostat setting. I expected it to take hours for the air conditioner to cool down the house. Because of the new roof and improved efficiency of the home, every room was perfectly comfortable in no time.


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