I need to wake up because I’m feeling a little groggy

I had a pretty long evening last evening drumming plus singing with some amazing Heating and Air Conditioning equipment pals of mine.

It was the 2 of us who first went out to the paseo on the beach with my sound machine plus 2 drums.

In no time I had many artists performing plus about 77 people watching. At a single point it was just myself drumming plus singing solo, plus when I opened my eyes to look up after finishing my solo there were so many people watching plus clapping. I didn’t even realize they were there plus it’s really better I didn’t. The weather was cooling off around 8pm plus that is when a reasonable amount of people do their walks so we totally had a lot of passersby. The local dealer, who I task for on plus off, played a few rock n roll songs with us before he had to go back to his property. We basically had a group of female singers, who were also Heating and Air Conditioning equipment techs plus reps, who came by plus sang for some time. They actually drew that large crowd of people at the end of the evening. Today I am going by the local corporation where those female singers task so I can thank them all with a large fresh pizza that I will buy from a nice Italian place. I am going to task on my own Heating and Air Conditioning equipment this month once I clear the cobwebs from my brain plus get moving. I just did a bit of yoga, however honestly I need to get this salad made plus fill my tummy with some quality nutrients so I wake up.



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