Can make a lot of extra cash just playing music

I feel as though the other evening went down as the most fun I’ve ever had playing songs on the streets and the biggest crowd ever.

We really played in the sand directly beside the paseo on my number one beach and at one point nearly 100 people were enjoying the performance.

I wasn’t counting people although I looked up at one point and just saw a giant sea of people standing and enjoying the excellent show. Most artists playing in the streets have a hat for money collection however we honestly didn’t ask for money. We simply wanted to play and have fun. The local corporation near us had a group of people enjoying this excellent performance too and some were asking myself and others to go on singing even more songs. This Heating and A/C equipment rep who sells smart control units came by and had fun playing with us for a little while as he is a guitarist himself. I am honestly thinking about doing more songs and less work at the Heating and A/C equipment corporation as I care about playing songs so much and could really make some wonderful money if I put out the outdated hat while playing. I am a drummer however am trying to also learn the guitar so I can mix it up to some degree and let someone else do the drumming. I work about 20 minutes a week for the Heating and A/C equipment supplier during the week although I figure if I busked songs on the streets more than four times a week I could make a few hundred a week doing that and having a tremendous amount of fun in the process. It sounds sort of like a strange way to make money however it completely works.


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