The HVAC technician had a bad case of body odor.

My best friend and I were shopping last week, and we decided to stop into the sandwich shop and get something to eat.

We decided to purchase a ham hoagie with Parmesan cheese, and split it.

While standing at the counter, a young HVAC technician walked by us and I had to cover my nostrils. The HVAC technician had a bad case of body odor, and I couldn’t help but notice. The body odor was so bad, that it clung to the air even after he had gone by. The young man at the counter told us to take a seat, and as soon as our sandwich and drinks was ready he would bring them out. Whenever the setup of the table were chitchatting for about five minutes before our hoagie came out. When we unwrapped it, I got the same scent of body odor. I looked all around the room to see if the HVAC technician was anywhere near. I whispered to my friend that he must’ve just walked over, and she looked at me oddly. I thought maybe she hadn’t noticed how the HVAC technicians lack of personal hygiene permeated the air. She told me she didn’t notice anything about the HVAC technician, but she did notice the Parmesan cheese was really strong. I gave her not look and she held a piece the cheese up in front of my nose. All of a sudden, I could feel the blush happened and I silently apologize to that HVAC technician. He wasn’t the one that smelled of body odor and dirty feet, that it was the hoagies they were making in the deli.

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