The colder it was outside, the happier I was.

I could go all winter long without getting sick.

When summer came along, even though the temperatures were only 70 in early June, I had allergies that plagued me.

Along with the allergies, I would often end up with colds and/or bronchitis. I remember my mom when I was a kid, telling the doctor she couldn’t wait until fall came, so I would no longer be plagued with these conditions. I spent most of my summer vacations, laying in bed or on the sofa with a 104° fever and unable to breathe. As I got older, the doctor told mom that I should outgrow this, but I never did. The only difference is that now I own my own home, and I have figured out that a lot of my summer problems come from the air conditioning. When I got married, my husband was an HVAC technician. One of the things he stressed, was having the ductwork cleaned every 1 to 2 years. He said that along with the clean ductwork, and air filters being changed on a monthly basis, a lot of the germs, bacteria, and allergens would be removed from the air. He also installed an air purification system into our HVAC system. I still prefer to have it colder outside and not need to use the air conditioning, but my health is improved since I got married. My mom says it’s because I have a great husband and I’m happy, but I think it’s because he keeps our HVAC system clean, and I have an air purification system.

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