My husband is looking into HVAC ductless units for house.

We own a three-story four bedroom home.

Three this bedrooms on the main for the living room/eat-in kitchen.

The fourth bedroom is in the loft. We also have a finished basement with two bedrooms a living area in the bathroom. Last year, my husband came to me and told me he wanted to install ductless HVAC into our home. I asked him if he understood how much it was going to cost to install ductless HVAC into a four bedroom three story house. He said he had been doing all this research, and if we were to buy just one or two units at a time, we can be able to install it within two years. In the meantime, my husband is a packrat, and there is no room to store anything. He keeps telling me he’s going to put it in to the side bedroom, but that is where our spare bed is plus everything else that he keeps saving for year two. I do agree, that we need new HVAC for home. I really think the ductless HVAC would be perfect for us. I’m just wondering why we don’t take out a mortgage on her home, purchase the ductless HVAC system, and have the repairs done to her home that needs done. Several years back we took a mortgage out so that we could purchase a new truck. That is now paid off and I can’t see how having heating, air conditioning, a new roof, a new porch, and new siding is any less important than having a new truck.


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