My brother wanted me to open an HVAC company with him

Last week, my brother and I were talking about opening an HVAC company.

  • We discussed the amount of revenue it would take just to get the basics of opening an HVAC company.

We knew we would have to have licenses, and all kinds of tax forms before we could open an HVAC company. We needed to have a five year business plan for the state, and we needed tax numbers. This all had to be done even before we started working. I told my brother there was no way I could go into business right now. I was already stretched too far with my daughter’s wedding last month, and my son getting ready to go to college. As much as I love my brother, I could not take on a business partnership at that time. I knew my brother was an excellent HVAC technician and owning an HVAC company had been a plan of his from the first time he stepped foot into an HVAC class. He was smart, and a brilliant businessman, and I was sure that within five years I would have had my money given back to me two fold. At that time, I just could not afford to go into business with him. He took it very well, and told me that he would take it to the bank instead. Before he even had the opportunity to get to the bank, I had talked to my mom and dad. Dad was upset that my brother had asked him to partner with the HVAC company, but said that if I could get them over for dinner he would make sure he went home with the money.