My bathroom ventilation system died.

Two months ago, my bathroom ventilation system died.

I looked all over to get a new bathroom light/ventilation system that was the perfect size for the air vent hole I had.

The man at the home center told me that they no longer carried that size of ventilation fan with a light kit. I either had to fill in the hole, which would mean plastering it shut and cutting, or cutting a bigger hole. I didn’t like either of these options, so I decided to give my husband a different option. I told him I found the perfect light/HVAC/ventilation system for our bathroom. It had a nightlight, three speeds for the fan, and it wasn’t just heat, but an HVAC system. With a button on the wall we can control how warm or cool it was, control the fan, and control the light. My husband didn’t seem impressed because he said it sounded like even more work. I decided that since the bathroom ventilation system died, it would be a good time to also remodel our bathroom. We been talking about getting rid of our old tub and putting in a new double shower stall. I told him it would be nice to save water once while and have a shower that was big enough for the two of us. He shook his head and picked up the phone. The next thing I knew he was talking to his brother and telling him he had a job for him to help. He was going to remodel my bathroom just because I had found and everything in one ventilation system for the bathroom, and it wouldn’t fit in our current bathroom.

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