My air conditioning unit seemed to be running a bit sluggish.

Throughout the week, I had noticed my air conditioning unit seem to be running a bit sluggish.

I still have cool air coming through the air vents, but it didn’t feel like I thought it should.

I know sounds silly when you tell someone that the air just doesn’t feel the same, and I’ve had a few odd looks when I said it. I lived in this house, and I knew what it felt like when I had the air conditioning on high and set at 70. The humidity was gone, and it was really comfortable sitting anywhere in the house. Lately you couldn’t stay cool no matter what you did. The humidity was in the 60s, and even though the thermostat was reading 70, it felt much warmer. I called the HVAC company and told them about my air conditioning running sluggishly. They sent an HVAC tech to the house to see what could possibly be wrong. If it wasn’t for the fact that my air conditioning unit was almost 20 years old, I was sure it would probably be an easy fix. Instead, because of the age the air conditioning unit I was concerned about needing a new one. I couldn’t continue to have high humidity in the house, because where I live mold mildew forms quickly. All I could do was agree to whatever the HVAC technician suggested, so that I can once again get my humidity under control and have air conditioning that works perfectly again. I know it’s going to be a costly venture, but AC is a necessity when you live in the south.

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