I thought I was seeing double.

I was walking down the street last week, and I’m sure seeing double. An HVAC technician came out of the local grocery, and got into the service van. The service van wasn’t even around the corner when I saw another HVAC technician come out of the local grocery. I stopped and stared, because I was sure I was seeing double. Both HVAC technicians looked identical, were dressed identical, and even had the same length of hair. I walked into the grocery and ask about the HVAC technician? The woman at the counter asked me which one I was talking about? I took a deep breath realizing I was not going crazy. I told her it seemed to them coming out and I thought it was seeing double, but apparently they were identical twins. I wondered if they went on all their service calls at the same time, and must the said some of the allowed. The store clerk looked at me and said they did do a a lot of their jobs together if it required more than one HVAC technician. She told me a little more about the HVAC texts, and must’ve looked at her oddly. She seemed to know an awful lot about the HVAC texts. She laughed and asked me if this was a for some I been in the store, and I nodded. She said they were her sons, and this time however, they were only coming into the store to see if she could hook them up with a sandwich. They were both starving. She told me it happened at least once a week.



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