I forgot to mow the grass and weeds that was building up around my air conditioning unit.

I keep looking at the air conditioning unit telling myself that I need to get the weed wacker out there and clear the weeds and grass from around it. So far, every time I get outside I give myself the same mental reminder but it still hadn’t been done. I knew that if I forgot much longer, my wife was going to get really angry with me. She keeps tell me that if the grass and weeds build up around the air conditioning unit, it can cause some problems because the vents are at the bottom. The only problem I could think would happen, is that you get to little critters not grass. It’s not like the HVAC technician goes out back in flip-flops or flimsy shoes. Every HVAC tech that had ever been to our home, is wearing boots. If he’s got heavy shoes on, a little garter snake or mouse is not going to hurt him. My wife said she wasn’t concerned with the threat of danger to the HVAC technician, but she was worried about the threat it made to our air conditioning unit. She says those mice that inside the air conditioning unit, it could choose the wires up and we could end up needing a new air conditioning unit. This put a new twist on my needing to do it and the necessity of cleaning up the grass and weeds now. The next time I went outside to do any work, the first thing I did was grab the weed Wacker and go over toward the air conditioning unit. I didn’t want my lack of remembering to give me a big bill because I killed the air conditioning unit.