Even the HVAC Tech told him not to touch the fan blades.

I don’t know about all women, but I have a husband who likes to do things for himself.

Even if I offer my assistance, he tells me to get my work done and he will deal with the outside. The outside work not only includes cleaning up after storms, mowing the lawn, and getting enough wood for the fireplace, but it also includes cleaning the chimney, gutters and the HVAC system. Our HVAC Tech once told my husband that if he felt he had to clean the HVAC system, he wanted him to stay away from the fan blades. Apparently, my husband’s selective hearing goes beyond hearing what I say. He is also chosen to block out the HVAC tech, and anyone else who tries to tell him what to do in our home. What he told me he was going to clean the air conditioning unit, I kept my mouth shut but I cringed. I knew he wouldn’t get to the air conditioning unit until later that afternoon, so I called the HVAC company. I asked if they had someone who could come out and clean our air conditioning unit for us, and I explained the situation. One of the HVAC technician Susan the office, was also well aware of who my husband was. He told them that he had a couple of free hours before lunch, and he would come to the house just to visit. If a visit meant that he could help my husband clean air conditioning unit, and keep us from purchasing new fan blades again, he was willing to donate his time for that hour.


Heater technician