Do you mean to tell me all this dust comes from the ductwork?

It seems like lately all I am getting done in my home is dusting.

I have gone through more dusting spray that is not only supposed to remove the dust, but prevented from getting back on the furniture, then I have food.

I told my husband several times, that it is not my fault that there is dust on everything. It’s not my fault that there is built-up grease even on the dishes in the cupboard. If our air purifier was working properly, we should not have any dust or any odorous in our house. His answer was to call our son, the HVAC technician, and ask what he talked about the situation. The first thing he asked his dad was if we had the ductwork cleaned lately? My husband looked at me as if to ask me if we had the ductwork cleaned. I shrugged and told him the HVAC system was his baby, and I did not interfere and when it was repaired or cleaned. Our son covered his eyes and shook his head then peered at us through his spread fingers. All I could hear was, “Really mom? Really dad?”. My husband shrugged and told him that I had dropped the ball. I threw my hands up near, and walked away because I didn’t want an argument with my husband. The next thing I knew, are some is changing the air filters in both the air conditioning unit and the furnace, cleaning both of them, and arranging to have our ductwork cleaned and sanitized. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if there were holes in cracks throughout the ductwork, which would be causing a lot of the dust that was in our home.

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