But dad, it was just a little snake.

Over the weekend, my dad went out to cleaning air conditioning.

All of a sudden, we heard this loud, high pitched scream which had us all running out.

Not only my brother my sister my mom and I stood by my dad, but so did several of our neighbors. Mom asked if he was okay and started checking in to see if he was bleeding from somewhere. He looked embarrassed, as he told everybody to go back to their houses. Once the neighbors were gone, dad was telling mom that a snake crawled out of the AC unit when he opened it. I picked up this tiny little garter snake and asked him if this was a snake he was talking about, but I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. He eeked out a sound I had never heard before and got behind mom. He told me to get rid of the thing, and all I could say was, ‘But dad, it’s just a little snake!’ He told me the thing wasn’t paying rent, and he didn’t want it anywhere near or on his property. I had never seen my father do anything or say anything as silly in my 15 years on this earth. I had to go inside to keep from laughing. Had I known my dad was so afraid of snakes, I would not have picked it up, but I didn’t know. Maybe, now that I’m 15, I should be the one because that cleans air conditioning unit. I’m not afraid of snakes or anything else that may crawl inside the air conditioning unit, so that might make me a better choice of who’s going to do the cleaning and air filter changes.