A little mix and match with the HVAC systems

Were you aware that by purchasing a few pieces of portable Heating and Air Conditioning devices you can absolutely save a huge amount of money? You are absolutely wondering what in the world I mean or am even talking about.

But I will explain everything! When you buy a portable a/c device and a portable space heater, you can use it to heat and cool wherever you are at in your lake home without needing to run the central heating and cooling device. What you do is use the portable heat and a/c device when you are awake and in your office, etc, and then when it comes time for bed you can either move the portable space furnace or the portable a/c device to the bedroom, or, you can just turn on your central heating and cooling device at that point to the furnace or the cooling system. By doing this and only using your central heating and a/c unit during the evening, you will save a ton of money on energy use. What this means is that your electric bills will be more or less cut in half and you can take that additional money you’ve saved for living or enjoying the holidays. It is an unquestionably great feeling to be honest! I started doing this last year and as a result I was able to take my family on a holiday during this warm season that would not have been possible had I not saved that much money throughout the year… You do the math and you’ll totally see!



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