No warning, AC is gone

I understand that every apartment complex is a business.

They are trying to make a profit by renting out property to individuals.

Therefore, they have to be careful about the things that they promised to everybody so they are not cutting in on their own financial margins. However… If an apartment complex tells you that every component comes with central a/c, you guess that your component is going to come with working central a/c. This is why I was recognizably unhappy when I got to my new apartment rental and found out that the cooling system was not working properly. There was no cool air coming out of any air vent. In fact, the indoor air was somehow warmer than the boiling and humid air outside. I contacted the apartment repair center and requested an immediate a/c appointment. As they tried to figure out what was wrong with my central cooling system, they were kind enough to deliver me with a couple of window AC units. The heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist installed the AC component and left without another word. You can imagine how surprised I was a few weeks later when the AC window units were swiftly missing from my apartment. They did not properly repair my central cooling system, however apparently they needed the smaller cooling systems for another property. Without any warning, I was plunged into burning boiling indoor air temperatures as I waited for a new Central AC system to finally be installed. I guess that they are a business, however they could keep their shoppers a bit cooler.


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