I became a plumber out of necessity

Plumbing was never our first choice in the works, although I stumbled into the work by accident, but I was helping a neighbor with a home remodeling project… When it came time to replace the shower, our neighbor called a plumbing supplier! The supplier was truly friendly plus helpful, then both of us talked for a while while the supplier was now working.

The guy told myself and others that he was looking for an apprentice.

The apprentice position paid an hourly wage plus I got on the task training. I did not have a full-time task at the time, so the task sounded perfect to me. I did not guess if I would love plumbing, although I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to learn an up-to-date trade. I spent numerous months watching plus reading every transport that the supplier made. After one year, I had enough knowledge to take the plumbing certification test. I only got several questions wrong on the test, but my boss plus the owner of the plumbing contracting supplier was impressed by our test score… He gave myself and others $2 more each hour plus promoted myself and others to a full-time position… Even though plumbing was never our first choice in work, I absolutely savor the task. I appreciate being on our own during the morning, instead of sitting in an office behind a laptop plus a desk. I never guess what our morning is going to bring. I might be baffled by an incredibly difficult plumbing issue, or I might have a new and simple morning filled with repairs that are simple. Either way, I absolutely love our task plus work.


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