Now I don’t have any trouble with the indoor air quality at all

When the pandemic first started, I wasn’t all that sad about it.

I was never sick very much at all.

But as I saw people were dropping just like flies, and I realized that our initial assessment was way off. So just like lots of other people, I decided that I would just mask up and stay close to the air conditioning of our home. And the people I was with and I just dealt with it. Actually, it was kind of nice that all of our kids came home from school to stay with us for months at a time. All of us had 9 weeks inside the air conditioning of our cabin together that are so very memorable for me now. Finally, I was vaccinated as was everyone else in our family. But late this fall, I caught a really bad cold that just lingered. I was afraid that I had Covid. Yet the tests revealed that wasn’t the case at all, so that meant that I had to go to the dentist. Sitting in the waiting room with the Air Conditioning cooling on after Thanksgiving is something that I hate about going to the doctor. It’s always too cold in there. But I was really hoping to get this all over with as hastily as possible, get the prescription and get out of there. The doctor surprised me, though. She said that I should call up the local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to come out and do a thorough ductwork cleaning as she thought it was the air quality in our house that was the issue. And after that was done, I was to change to a HEPA filter. I did what she suggested and I haven’t had any problems since then.
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