HVAC helps make the switch to home office

I really never thought I’d be comfortable working anywhere but the zone controlled HVAC of the office I’ve been in for nearly 20 years.

Being a creature of habit, I was pretty entrenched with being at the office.

There have even been several offers with other companies that I’ve turned down because I just wasn’t up for the change. You can imagine how I was when the pandemic started and I had to leave the zone controlled HVAC comfort of the office for my house. Let me say that it was a big change and as I’ve stated, I’m not exactly super duper when it comes to change. Plus, my wife was jockeying for time to work from home as we both had to deal with the kids learning remotely. We were all in the air conditioning together day in and day out. But we started to find a rhythm before too long. That started with getting out of said air conditioning to go outside for walks or to play games in the evening. And before long, I got the handle on how to do the online meetings as well. By fall, I was doing more work, with higher quality than I ever had produced. That sort of stayed with me as the office with the zone controlled HVAC reopened. It hit me that I’m far better off working from a home office than going back to the downtown office. So I was able to square that with my bosses and stay home. I cleared out a room and added a ductless heat pump so at least I feel like I’m in the zone controlled HVAC at the main office.


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