Ductless heat pumps are more than enough for me

I love where I live and it took me a lot of time and planning to make all of this happen.

Where I live, there are no neighbors for miles and miles around.

Well, no human neighbors as I’m right in the middle of a sort of wilderness area. I am able to access my property from a road but it’s a four wheel drive sort of road. However, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I was just through with life inside the zone controlled HVAC of an office. Traffic drove me absolutely bonkers. What I was spending on frivolous stuff was stupid. And I was just ready to leave all of that behind. It took some time to get my ducks in a row, but I did it. The result is a very well made 3 room cabin with an awesome loft set on acreage I was able to buy that backs up to government land. It’s so far out that I don’t have access to the electrical grid. But no matter as I have a solar array that provides me with all I need. Some folks think I’m out here with nothing. But I have a pair of ductless heat pumps that keep me cool in the summer. Don’t need them much in the winter as I have a wood stove. However, they sure are great to count on for some HVAC heating when I’ve been away and the fire is out. Just because I live in the wood self sufficiently doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy proper heating and cooling from residential HVAC equipment.

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