Changing the HVAC system helped with my health problems

I’ve never been someone who was ever undoubtedly sick.

So when the pandemic first started, I wasn’t all that nervous about it.

But as I saw people dropping like flies, I realized that our initial assessment was way off. So just like all of the other people around me, I chose to mask up & stay close to home and our HVAC system. And we just dealt with it. Actually, it was kind of nice that our girls had to come to the beach house from their respective colleges. Our family had about 8 or 9 months inside the a/c of our beach house together that are so undoubtedly memorable for me. Finally, I was happy to get vaccinated as was the rest of our family. But late this fall, I caught a cold that just lingered on and on. I was afraid I had Covid. Yet tests revealed that wasn’t the case. I did not have it. So that left me with no choice to go to the nurse. Sitting in the waiting room with the HVAC cooling on after Thanksgiving is one of the things that I really hate about having to go to the nurse or the doctor. I was just hoping to get this all over with as hastily as possible, get the prescription that she gave me, and go home. But the nurse surprised me by going another direction. She advocated that I call the HVAC corporation to come out to the house. They said I should do HVAC duct cleaning as she thought it was the air quality in our house that was the problem. And after that was done, I was to change to a HEPA filter. I did all of the above & haven’t had an upper respiratory problem since.


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