Smart thermostat shuts down thermostat abuse

I’ve pleaded.

I really don’t ask a ton from my family. In fact, I do a lot to make sure that I’m not asking too much from our household. But, I do have a few ground rules that I like to follow and I appreciate my family joining in. Yet, when it comes to the HVAC equipment, my family was always disregarding my requests to leave the thermostat alone. We have a lovely house and I’m thankful to be so fortunate that my wife and I can provide this sort of place. It’s got all the amenities to make everyone nicely comfortable. And that also goes for the heating and cooling. Our HVAC equipment is the latest in residential HVAC. The SEER rating is just about the highest on the market. A SEER rating is the measure of efficiency for HVAC equipment. We wanted to make sure that we were conserving as much resources as we could with our choice of HVAC equipment. However, the SEER rating doesn’t matter as much if the thermostat is always being shoved all over the place for really no reason. It’s like the kids will come in from being outside and just crank the air conditioning. Or my wife will be at home in the winter and instead of throwing on a sweater, she blasts the gas furnace to a subtropical level. I’ve asked. I’ve pleaded. But no more thermostat yanking. I called the HVAC company and they just installed a smart thermostat. It comes with a really nice feature which can lock out manual thermostat adjustment. Guess who is the only one with the code for the smart thermostat setting?

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