I was able to help my parents with the HVAC issues in their home

Being a single parent is very challenging.

With a supporting family, things may be a little easier.

My husband died a month after our fourth child was born and it was such a rough experience for me to get through, but my family supported me and the kids through it all. My parents really love their grandsons and make time to spend with them whenever they can. They only came to me and others once, claiming that their whole-house heating was acting up. Their bedroom had rapidly gotten cold over the last week, and the dial regulator they had was stuck on a single setting. Having a wealth of experience from being a heating business, they knew they would get help from me. I was legitimately busy with many jobs as I was the local service provider for the town. The only way they could get me to come to check their electric furnace soon was by offering to babysit my boys. This really sold me because I had been looking for a babysitter because of my silly hours at work! When I got to the house, I assessed the central oil furnace and ran a quality tune-up and handled a few heater repairs. However, for some reason, their electric heat pump was not providing even heating throughout their house, so I installed a zone control component that would take care of the issue. For the temperature control device, I got them a digital temperature control which they would find straight-forward to operate. I also shared with them some energy-saving tips that would come in handy in ensuring they keep the energy bills low. Mom told me about these amazing systems and about the radiant floor heating component which the heating worker in the market was telling her of, but she agreed it was too extravaganta and would cost her way too much money to install.

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