HVAC replacement process was a breeze

I just hate when stuff breaks and everything immediately gets stuff all jacked up.

And that’s exactly what happened when we experienced our first heating and cooling breakdown.

Of course, that first HVAC headache came in the middle of the summer when we needed the HVAC cooling the most. Thankfully, we have a great HVAC company who came to the rescue. The HVAC technician was able to get everything going again but it also came with some not so great news. The HVAC equipment probably wouldn’t make it all that much longer. And since it’s been around for 22 years, that sort of made some sense to me. But I sure as heck wasn’t going through this sort of thing again. Talk about flip out. My family was like abandon ship, we’re going to a hotel. I got everyone to pump the brakes on that a bit. Wow, how soft are we? Maybe we have to go a day without HVAC cooling? That was sort of a difficult perspective to suddenly become aware of. I just didn’t realize that we were so totally dependent on perfect HVAC cooling that we couldn’t all just hang on til the dang thing was fixed. No, I brought out all the fans and went to buy an extra. We were hot but we were fine as well. I tell you what though, I started pushing the thermostat more toward the higher numbers given how we reacted to the breakdown. Anyway, the HVAC company made replacing the HVAC equipment so easy. They were great and the process from choosing the new HVAC to installation was seamless.


air conditioning worker