HVAC completes the man cave

I can remember my dad and the rec room.

We called it the rec room but it was really my dad’s spot.

Sure there was a ping pong table in there for us kids but the rest of the place was all the old man. He had an old school TV hung up in a corner. There was a bar and a pool table. A poker table, a couch and a couple of recliners rounded out the rec room. Yet it was still the basement and there was hardly any heating and cooling. Dad cured that in the winter with a couple of space heaters. And in the summer, he dragged in these giant fans. I don’t think he really even cared about the heating and cooling in that spot. He just wanted a place where him and his buddies could watch the game or where he could host poker night when it was his turn. So dad would be pretty impressed with my man cave. I finally broke down and made this spot of my own in our basement. My family is awesome but with 3 teen girls, I sort of need my own space as well. But I went one step further than dad thanks to HVAC technology. I have a ductless heat pump in my man cave that gives pure heating and cooling no matter the season. I love this spot and I really love the ductless mini split the HVAC company installed. Not only do I now have a place to sort of slide off to be alone, it has heating and cooling that’s as comfortable as the rest of the house.


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