Hard to get over how great the new HVAC is

Had I known that the new HVAC unit would be so great, I might have gotten rid of the old one sooner.

It’s just unbelievable what this new HVAC equipment is doing when it comes to heating and cooling our home.

This thing beats any other heating and cooling experience I’ve ever known. For sure, I’m no longer worrying so much about whether or not we went too far with the new HVAC unit. But when we were first told that the old HVAC was failing, we sat back a minute to decide just what we wanted to do as far as replacing it. The facts were that replacing the HVAC equipment sort of might be the tipping point for whether or not we stayed in our home. Our house is fairly large as we raised four kids here. But the last one is going to graduate from college and already has a job lined up. So, it really doesn’t make sense to continue heating and cooling all this house for just the two of us. That’s why we wanted to think our way through the HVAC replacement. We talked to a realtor about our thoughts. She was great and heavily recommended talking with the HVAC company about going heavy on HVAC technology. Prospective buyers in this market are really looking for the latest when it comes to residential HVAC. So if we were even considering selling the house, we needed to make sure the new HVAC equipment was excellent. Well, now that it’s all installed, I for sure can attest that this new HVAC unit is incredible.


a/c professional