Getting that HVAC maintenance just in time

Man, I really almost waited too late this time.

  • For sure, I’m signing up for the HVAC service plan so this doesn’t happen again.

Yet another fall slipped right by me without me calling for the heating maintenance from the HVAC company. And by the time I remembered, we had to wait for an appointment. That meant that I had to have the gas furnace running for a while without the heating maintenance being done and I really don’t like doing that. I really prefer to have the HVAC technician take a look at the gas furnace and do all the HVAC maintenance prior to me even flipping on the gas furnace. Yet, I’ve just had such a hard time remembering to call the HVAC company. And that’s fully on me. My wife has plenty on her plate when it comes to primary household responsibilities. We both pitch in on the cleaning, laundry, cooking and getting the kids where they need to me. But it’s my responsibility to take care of all the heating and cooling stuff. That means, I’m the one who changes the HVAC air filters. I’m also the one who is supposed to get the HVAC maintenance done in the fall and again in the spring for the air conditioner. Again, I’m simply going to turn that all over to the HVAC company now. With the HVAC service plan, they schedule the HVAC maintenance and I simply confirm online. This way, the HVAC maintenance is getting done and done when it needs to get done. No more forgetting and all that.

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