Getting a house with good HVAC took getting creative

Whoever said necessity is the mother of invention wasn’t kidding.

True words indeed.

For me, if I wanted to stop paying rent for poor heating and cooling, loud neighbors and cramped quarters, I had to get creative. When I was in college, I made a conscious decision to follow my passion and not a paycheck. But still, I thought I’d be able to afford a house! That’s not the way it turned out. After spending almost a decade in apartments with weak HVAC, I wanted to have my own place with my own HVAC equipment. That was going to take some creativity for sure. But after I saw a segment on people owning homes together, I knew just what I needed to do. Two couple friends of mine and me bought a big house together. This way we are all part owners with our own equity stakes. Finally, I was going to get that great HVAC comfort, privacy and build equity instead of just renting. As far as the HVAC comfort went, we definitely had to address that as the old HVAC unit was pretty much shot. So we had the HVAC company come out and install a ductless multi split heating and cooling system. This way, each floor of separate living space would have their own HVAC. With the ductless multi split system, we could each dial in our own heating and cooling comfort. This whole thing has worked out just so well. I’m so glad to be in my own place with my own HVAC. Plus, it’s kind of cool to own something with such good people. If you’re going to have neighbors, make them your best buds.


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