Checking on my parent's whole-home heating unit in exchange for babysitting services

Being a single parent is no joke, but with a supportive family, things can be a bit easier. My husband died a month after our second child was born. It was such a difficult time, but my family held me through all of it. My parents absolutely love their grandkids and always make time to hang out with them. They came to me one time, complaining that their whole-home heating was behaving badly. Their room had suddenly become cold over the past few weeks and the dial regulator they had was stuck on one reading. Having a wealth of experience from being a heating contractor, they knew they would get help from me. I was very busy with work as I was the local service provider for the town. The only way they could get me to come to check their electric heating system soon was by offering to babysit my kids. This really got me because I had been looking for a babysitter because of my crazy hours at work. When I got to the house, I assessed the central heater and ran a quality furnace/heater tune-up as well as handled a few furnace/heater repairs. However, for some reason, their electric heat pump was not providing even heating throughout his house, so I installed a zone control unit that would take care of the issue. For the temperature control device, I got them a digital thermostat which they would find easy to operate. I also shared with them some energy-saving tips that would come in handy in ensuring they keep the energy bills low. Mum started to tell me of these amazing systems like the radiant floor heating unit which the heating technician in the market was telling her of, but she agreed it was too costly.


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