The new ductless mini split changed everything for me

After I had a new ductless mini split installed in my home, I was loving life.

I honestly didn’t expect for the energy bills to be so low compared to the old HVAC system we had in our home.

Of course it made sense for a modern HVAC system to be more energy efficient, but the difference is unbelievable. I’m literally saving hundreds on the energy bills, and that’s something to be truly happy about. The other thing that I love so much is that I have customized temperature control settings in different parts of the house these days, including my home office. In the past, it wasn’t nearly as comfortable, especially in the office space. I believe there was something wrong with the ductwork, like it needed a thorough ductwork cleaning through the professionals or maybe even needed to be resealed. I wasn’t really sure, but I knew it was going to cost a great deal of money to have the ductwork system repaired. Going with the ductless mini split was the best option that was presented to me and I wasn’t able to pass on such a great option. I love that I can basically crank the A/C system in my office space without affecting the rest of the house. If my family members don’t like the ice-cold settings that I enjoy, they don’t need to come into my office environment. Of course my daughter really loves the A/C as much as I do and often she’ll come to talk to me about things or get help with her homework; whatever excuse she can come up with to enjoy the ice-cold A/C with me.

HVAC worker