Our son seemed more interested in what the HVAC pro was doing

When our son was asking us what we thought he should do for community service, I said he might want to consider going to the police station to help out there.

  • I said how they always needed help at the police station with all the crimes that are happening all the time.

Our son seemed worried like he might get in trouble or might have to deal with some scary criminals. I ended up taking him to a local police station and we discussed the fact that he needed to get so many hours of community service. The officer said that he definitely made the right choice. He even asked our son if he was thinking about getting into law enforcement and our son said he wasn’t really sure. Then our son said something about the temperature control settings not being very comfortable. The policeman frowned and mentioned that they had an HVAC professional coming out to fix the cooling system. When the HVAC professional arrived, our son was excited and started asking him questions about his work. When he mentioned his community service, he said he could always volunteer at the HVAC shop and the HVAC professional gave him his business card. Our son was bored at the police station because they had him doing basic police filing work. When he went to the HVAC shop, they got him on the phone talking with people about energy saving tips and scheduling HVAC repairs and maintenance. I think our son possibly might become an HVAC pro one of these days.

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