Never thought I’d win a bet at the horse racetrack

It was just last weekend when my buddies suggested we all go to the horse racetrack to do a little betting and see if we could get lucky. I didn’t think it was a good idea at first, there were numerous other things I’d rather spend my money on like a new ductless mini split. My buddies laughed and said if I won, I could buy ten new ductless mini splits. Of course I asked why I would need so many HVAC systems and they laughed and told me I could sell them for big money. My friends are crazy, but I went with them to the horse racetrack. I didn’t know anything about horse racing, but I enjoyed the temperature control settings in the area where we were placing our bets. It was kind of a hot day so I wished I could relax in the A/C for longer, but we had to watch the races! Well, I was stunned when everybody started freaking out saying that those horses I picked for my bet gained the lead! I thought there was no way in the world I could possibly win, but before I knew it, I was cashing out on some big money. I bought all my buddies food and drinks and we decided to celebrate that night. I was telling everybody that I wasn’t going to get a ductless mini split after all, I was going for something fancy like radiant heated floors! Everybody laughed and said they would be over at my house all the time if I decided to invest in such a cozy heating system.

a/c rep