It’s nice being able to rely on a heat pump

So where I happen to live, we are not distraught about the upcoming winter.

However, I still believe in all of our neighbors to the north. I’ve experienced Winter time up there and it’s not for the faint of heart. Happily, they have good heating from a gas furnace or a boiler up there. But it sounds as though the heating costs are going to be undoubtedly high this year. That makes dealing with all the heat in this region somewhat easier since we don’t face those sorts of heating costs. Actually, with the heat pump, we don’t undoubtedly face much heating costs at all. In our home region, we tend to get a couple of freezing snaps that require the heat pump to kick on now and again over the Winter time months. But really, when it comes to Heating and Air Conditioning, our complication is the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling. And we get, at minimum, 8 months of Heating and Air Conditioning cooling. Of course, it’s not especially intense use of the air conditioner all of those 8 months. But there are 4 months over the Summer that are quite intense that require all manner of Heating and Air Conditioning cooling throughout the day and evening hours. Thankfully the heat pump stands ready and able to take on the challenge of all that Heating and Air Conditioning cooling. Not only does it do a wonderful job of keeping us cool while in the peak heat of the warm season, it helps with the humidity as well. So with the heat pump, we can face the heat factor of this section and manage quite nicely. And for me, I’ll take the heat pump and the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling over having to deal with all that cold weather up north.
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