I was worried about my uncle freezing during the cold weather

I spent a lot of time in my life relaxing with my uncle on the benches at the park.

For the most part he had a favorite bench he loved relaxing on where he was able to feed the birds and enjoy the views of the park.

He spoke to countless people there at the park and he also enjoyed playing chess with some of the other old timers. Well, something that always bothered me was that he would even be out there when it was colder than ever. I asked him if he felt like he was freezing to death out there and he said he got used to the weather over the years. Still, I could see him shivering at times and I just felt so bad. I was thinking it would be great if he had a nice heating system out there. Of course it would be great if he relaxed in a place that had climate control, but that obviously was never going to happen. Eventually I found a pretty cool gift that was actually a heating system designed for a regular winter coat. The heating system consisted of dual heaters that fit easily in the inner pockets of a quality winter coat and would easily heat the inside of his coat for perfect warmth! When I got him these heater inserts for his coat, he thought I was crazy at first. I showed him how to use the temperature control settings and said these heaters lasted 8 hours off a single charge. He was impressed by that and said he would give them a shot. Now he can’t stop talking about how warm he is when it’s frosty outside thanks to his heater inserts!


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