Great lodge gets great HVAC technology

There is nothing I really like more than getting away for a 3 or 4 day weekend when I can.

My career is demanding so getting away is important for me to hit the reset button.

Getting out of the zone controlled HVAC of the office and out in nature is actually the best thing for me. There is something about the quiet and simplicity of being in the woods that I find so centering. But, until recently, there was a bit of difficulty to my trips to the lodge we share with other members of the family. The problem is that I love spending time with my family and I just couldn’t get them out of the air conditioning of home and up there. They just don’t find the lodge or nature as inviting and pleasing as I do. The main reason for that is lack of modern residential HVAC and wifi access. So after speaking with my cousins about it, we decided to upgrade the lodge a bit to get people a bit more excited about getting up there. We started by getting satellite TV and internet. That seems completely counter intuitive to me but that seemed to be a deal breaker otherwise. Then, I called our HVAC company to see if I could get an HVAC technician out there to do something about the heating and cooling. Prior to adding HVAC, there was only a wood stove for heating and zero air conditioning in the summer. I had to pay extra but I got 2 ductless heat pumps installed in the lodge. With the upgrades, I’m now actually getting request to go to the lodge for the weekend.

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