Can’t wait to find a nice house on the beach

It wasn’t very long ago when I finally was able to get a settlement for the car accident I was in.

The settlement was a lot bigger than I imagined and suddenly I had plenty of cash with these settlement checks.

I mean, the car accident was a nightmare and it’s something I would never want to go through again or wish upon anybody else for that matter. The trucker who pushed me off the road was apparently trying to adjust the temperature control settings and wasn’t paying close attention to the fact that another driver was in the lane next to him. I could have died on that day, but thankfully the hospital wasn’t too far away and I was able to get the lifesaving treatment that I needed. I wasn’t even thinking about suing the trucking company at first, but everybody said I had to do that. It was such a stressful lawsuit but it certainly paid off for my injuries. I haven’t been able to get around as easily as I used to and I guess that’s something I will have to live with, but it could be worse. Now I’m considering moving to a new location. I have always wanted a nice home on the beach and I might just go for something like that. Of course, whatever I get, I want to have the fanciest HVAC system around. I want a powerful air purification system with a UV light, as I’ve heard those are great for getting rid of dangerous pathogens. I also want sensors around the home so that the temperature control settings will adjust automatically when I move to different rooms in my new home. It’s exciting to think about it all and I can’t wait to go house shopping.


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