Small updates included ductwork cleaning

When I first bought my home I thought I was only going to make small changes to it. I got tons of paint swatches and decided to paint every room in the house. I figured I would just do that. After painting the walls the ceilings looked rough. Once I did that I realized the HVAC vent covers were old, rusted and dirty. So I bought brand new white ones. When I replaced the vent covers I was able to look inside and see the condition of my ductwork. It was filled with dust, dirt and hair. It looked so gross. I called a HVAC business right away to get my HVAC ducts cleaned. While the HVAC technician was there he recommended that I changed my basic dial thermostat to a smart thermostat. He told me it would match my paint color and make the house more modern looking. The HVAC worker was totally right by the way. He then found a small HVAC repair to make and then was on his way. After getting the hallway thermostat looking modern, I realized the lights were put to shame. I changed them out to recessed lighting. Then I realized all the hallway doors looked gross. They got painted, new knobs and flooring. Then the HVAC closest got an update. New doors, vents around the HVAC and the whole area was cleaned. My small updates ended up costing a fortune and took weeks to complete. It was totally worth it though. My house looks so much better and feels way cleaner.