She works out with no AC!

Two days a week my best friend Jess and I work out together. One day she picks what we do and the other day I pick. I usually pick going to the gym and doing a fitness class. Sometimes we will do our own thing. I like using the machinery, free weights and showers. I also like having quality air conditioning while I work out. I hate being super slick and sweaty. I like knowing I can run directly under an AC vent and be just a bit damp afterwards. I like having easy access to water, a toilet and sweat rags when I want them too. I really enjoy using the gym’s yoga studio. They keep that place heavily air conditioned. It is a great spot to stretch, do abs and jump rope. My friend Jess isn’t all that keen on the gym lifestyle. She usually makes me go outside to work out. We run on the beach, ride our bikes in the park or do yoga right in her lawn. I feel she has something personally against AC. I get sweaty, gross and more prone to acne after a day working out her way. I can only stomach it once a week. The other five days I am on my own, I stick to my home gym that has a window air conditioner. I typically do squats, lunges, push ups and all sorts of stationary drills. I need the right amount of cooling in order to do a full hour. Jess doesn’t seem to mind being 80 degrees and working out a full hour. For me, I can do maybe thirty minutes before I want to quit.


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