New picker with heating isn’t as good

My whole family is in the grapes business. We grow, pick and sell our grapes to Welch for jams, jellies and juice. My brother makes his own wine and sells it. I like to focus more on the grapes than the actual sales aspect. I am constantly either in the field trying, trimming or lifting down grapes back on the wire or I am in a tractor. The tractor work is way more satisfying. I either fix ruts, put in new posts, pull out old ones. I run the picker for the grapes when the season is right. My one tractor is the old faithful model I have used for years. It has worn seats, a small easy to move steering wheel and is the perfect size to fit in the rows. However, the tractor doesn’t have a radio, heating or cooling. It gets boring and picking is in the fall, so it gets cold too. My new tractor has all the bells and whistles. I can plug in my phone and listen to Spotify the whole time I pick. I can have the heating system blasting and be sitting in my comfy seat. It is a more pleasant experience. The picker is just a bit big to navigate easily. I have to really focus so I don’t smash into posts or run into the actual grapes. The steering wheel is a bit oversized. When you pick you need one arm running the steering wheel and the other portion of your body is turned around to watch the picker. My left arm aches due to the steering wheel. I don’t know if quality heating is worth the pain I go through. I love having music too, but I like being able to wheel around the fields easily.


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