My new HVAC worker isn’t as good

For years I had the same HVAC contractor.

I would call for AC service in the spring and heating service in the fall.

Twice a year I got to see Andy and it was a pleasure. The guy was such a sweetheart. He was this little old man that called me sugar and always wore boot coverings so he didn’t track in dirt. He picked up all the debris and tools after his job was completed. I knew I could trust him too. If the HVAC made a funny noise I could ask if it needed a major repair or if I should replace it. He never tried to sell me something I didn’t want or need. I would bake cookies and have sweet tea waiting for him after a job well done. The two of us then would chat about his grandkids. It was a nice experience. I then was informed that Andy finally retired and I got a new guy. My new HVAC professional is Kurt and he is awful. The guy frequently shows up late and always tries to oversell me. I lay down towels because he tracks all around the yard and into the house without taking off his shoes. He frequently leaves tools behind and a mess for me. He isn’t friendly, polite or chatty. He doesn’t get cookies or sweet tea either because of his behavior. I am thinking of calling the HVAC business and asking for a new person. After getting Andy for so many years I am spoiled. I don’t want a rude, careless HVAC worker now. I want an older gentleman that is good for my home!
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