I don’t miss the fall cold

In the north, Fall was a very disappointing season. The leaves were changing, the apple cider and the holidays were better though. Actually having snow on Christmas is amazing. Actually experiencing fall weather makes you get into the holiday cheer. I prefer it in the south because it was so cold in the north. Come September it was time to start bundling up. I remember trick or treating in snow before. The cold lingers all the way until after easter. It is fun having a white Christmas, but I didn’t want it for almost 50% of the year. It is way more fun in the south. When I go pumpkin shopping I can wear shorts and a t-shirt. I still run my air conditioner during Halloween. Thanksgiving is around the time I don’t need heating or air conditioning. By the time Christmas comes I can turn up the thermostat and my heat pump will fire away. That is about as cold as it gets though. It doesn’t get colder than 40-50 degree range. I way prefer that over the incense cold. My old, northern home had to run three heating systems. There was the upstairs electric heater, downstairs gas fireplaces and a ventless heater in the kitchen. My southern home only has a central heat pump that does everything. I just set the temperature and my heat pump decides on heating or cooling. It is less maintenance with one system and less cleaning. Somedays I get a little sad missing the white Christmas, but then I remember I could swim on the day. That is so much better.

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