HVAC maintenance program for a forgetful person

I am a very forgetful person.

I never got my oil changed, HVAC serviced or went to the dentist when I was supposed to.

It always seemed to slip my mind. I then would get a call from various appointments and I would get charged a small fee. I had to put all my bills on an automated program. I had to make a timer go off on garbage and recycling day. I am now trying to get every business on a set program. My dentist now knows to call me when we set an appointment. I get a week’s notice and then a day’s notice. I make it to my appointment every time. My hair stylist keeps the same day for me every month so I can keep it in my phone. My HVAC business has been great because they have a maintenance plan that I signed up for. I get heating and air conditioning service twice a year. One time in the fall and one time in the spring a HVAC professional comes in my door. It is nice that they call me to set up the appointment. I then get an email a few days before they arrive. Then I get a phone call an hour before they are showing up. I can forget about my HVAC tune up quite a few times and it doesn’t matter. I am so glad that they have things like this. It was a relief to no longer worry about my HVAC breaking since I wasn’t on it with cleanings. Now it is in great shape.
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