Her a/c needs are driving me crazy

My parents are in their 60s and just getting divorced.

It is weird that they want to separate after all this time.

It is also odd seeing my parents squabble over things that don’t matter and not know what they are going to do with their lives. My brother and I agree to divide and conquer. He is handling my dad and I getting my mom in the divorce. I have already moved her into my home and I know this can’t be a forever plan. My mother is driving me nuts. She has already rearranged all my cookware and I can’t find anything now. She is digging up my gardens, changing my curtains and monopolizing the TV. What really stinks is that my mother is a thermostat hog. She constantly is lowering the temperature and demanding more air conditioning. I think she is at the tail end of menopause and wants AC for her hot flashes. As a woman not going through menopause, it is horrible. I hate that I get blasted with AC all day in my home. If I even think of changing the temperature my mother corrects it. I can’t even turn off the air conditioner for an hour. My mother is always in the house or around the house too. I leave for work, the gym or grocery shopping. I can’t possibly run the thermostat when my mother has home field advantage. I am thinking of calling my brother and seeing if dad is making him crazy. It might be worth switching parents for the time being.

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