He complains about our HVAC all the time

I am not a fan of my father in-law.

He was never a very good dad to my husband and when I came into the picture he was extremely rude to me.

I won’t call it water under the bridge either. I am going to remember the things he said to me until I die. I am not rude, but not overly friendly to him either. What stinks is that once a year he comes down south and spends a week with my husband and I. I feel he is just using us as a free vacation and not actually to see his son. He eats all the food, drinks all the beer and complains constantly. I remember last year he whined so hard about our heating equipment that my husband called a HVAC contractor and got a new unit. The HVAC was old and due to be replaced. The two of us agreed to wait until it died. My father in-law pressured my husband into buying new before he was comfortable. This year I am poised and ready. I am still angry over splitting a new heating system. My father in-law better not make one peep over the temperature control. I also got a smart thermostat that I can run from my phone. If he gets mean again, I will just change all his thermostat settings from my phone. My father in-law loves to be overheated, I might turn on the AC at three in the morning if I am feeling particularly mean. I would never admit what I am doing either.

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