Getting ductless HVAC for his tools

For Christmas this year I am going to get my husband a ductless mini split.

When we bought our home there was nowhere for him to store tools.

He wanted the laundry room but he had so many tools they couldn’t all fit. It was a mess. He then built himself a shed in our backyard. It is giant and very impressive looking. He even insulated and added windows to the space. He has electricity and plumbing in there now too. The last thing he needs is HVAC. My husband is hesitant to buy it due to the expense. However, he really needs heating and cooling to stop his tools from rusting. The AC is more needed than heating actually. The air conditioner would stop moisture from getting into the shed and creating rust. He has expensive tools and boxes of gear. He is all up in arms about possibly damaging them. I think a ductless mini split is the perfect solution. I am going to wait for him to go on a business trip and then hire a HVAC contractor. My goal will be to have a working HVAC unit and thermostat in there one day. Getting it on Christmas day isn’t realistic but he isn’t a little kid. Sometime in December he is going to have heating and air. How great will that be for him? It is really expensive so it will be his one and only gift but it is a thoruful one. I also will do a smart thermostat so he can set the temperature from his phone.

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