Using the HVAC system to help his pot plants grow

I have known Billy since the first day of first grade. Mind you, this is a very small town, so I can say the same thing about a dozen other people, too. We all started first grade in the only school in town, and ended up graduating from the only high school in town years later. Of anyone, Billy was my dog, my partner in crime, and we did everything together. When it was time to move out from our parents homes, of course we got an apartment together… and then things changed. First it was about the thermostat, but then there was a lot of other stuff too. He kept turning the thermostat up, and I mean way up, to where it was over 80 degrees in the apartment, and the humidity was insane. I kept turning down the thermostat, but whenever I turned my back he would crank it back. We had a huge fight about it, and he left… only to return an hour later with a portable air conditioner for my room. His gift to me, because he was sorry he needed the climate control to be so warm, but he did for the next few weeks. With the portable A/C unit my room would stay ice cold, so it was a fair compromise. Then I came to find out he needed the climate control so warm not for himself but for his collection of pot plants. Since he didn’t have a greenhouse he was using the HVAC system to help repl;icate the ideal growing conditions for his cannabis!


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