Granny Tanis likes her AC very cold

My grandmother Tanis was very kind to take me in.

Especially since she is not related to me by blood at all, so there is no real family obligation.

She has been a close family friend for my entire life, and much longer, so I always considered her an extra grandma. When I fell on hard times thanks to all this COVID nonsense, she offered me a place to stay. It was a couch, in a one bedroom apartment, but it was someplace safe to live for a few months. I had to make a lot of adjustments to live there, but the biggest of them was probably the thermostat. Granny Tanis likes the AC set as low as the thermostat will go. If you don’t know this already, turning the thermostat all the way to the lowest temp will keep it on all the time without cease. The central HVAC system cannot lower the temperature that far, so it keeps running, keeps trying, never quite getting there. This makes it meat locker cold in her house, and it also smells terrible due to the cats affecting her air quality. I suggested opening the window for the natural ventilation, and giving the air conditioning a break for a few hours, but she refused. Whenever she went out to the store I would turn off the A/C and open a few windows to let in a little blessedly fresh air. Then I would have to seal it back up and crank the AC back down the lowest setting before she returned.
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